Download and Install EML to PST Converter

Click on Start Menu of machine > All Programs > EML to PST Converter, after that software first screen look like as below image –

When you open the screen, software have to different options to browse folder of EML files for the conversion.

Single EML Folder – By using this option, you can convert single folder of EML emails, who have few EML folders for conversion. This option of software convert entire folder of EML emails at one go and create single Outlook PST.

Multiple Folders – By using this Multiple Folder option, you can convert multiple user mailboxes folder for the conversion. This options convert multiple folders to Outlook format at once and create separate Outlook PST for each separate mailbox folder.

Single EML folder Option

Single EML folder Option – This Single EML folder option available to convert multiple of EML emails files into PST format. But for choosing that option, first save all the emails in one folder and the browse that folder by click on that button. With that option software will convert all the emails in single PST, that's means software create single PST form single folder of EML files.

Now check out the steps and convert EML / EMLX files to PST format –

Select "Single EML Folder" option and then simply click on "Next" button.

Now browse folder of EML / EMLX file folder form saving location of Windows OS by click on ''Select" button.

Start conversion process and convert EML files into format of Outlook PST by click on the button of "Start Conversion". When you click on start conversion button, software will asked you for choosing saving location to save converted PST file in your machine.

When you choose location for saving converted PST, software will start conversion process and within few minutes software will convert entire folder of EML files into PST.

Multiple Folder Option

Multiple Folder Option – This Multiple Folder option of software available for converting multiples folder of multiples mailboxes into PST format. If you go with this options software will convert create single PST for each single mailboxes at once, but this option is available with unlimited edition if software.

Go and Click on "Multiple Folders" option then click on "Next" button.

After that click on "Select" button to browse folder of EML files (Which having Multiple EML mailboxes). Once you click on "Select" button, you will see "Browse for Folder" screen in your Window. After that select root folder of EML files and then click on "OK".

When you complete above steps, software will show you folder list which the root folder holds. Check the list of folder and click on "Check all" options, if any folder you don't want to convert into PST format. Then uncheck it software automatically skip that folder and don't convert into Outlook PST format.

EML to PST Converter save converted PST file in desktop habitually, if you want to change the location to save converted PST file the click on "Change" button and browse location where you want to save PDF files after conversion and then click on "Next" button.

Now for start process of conversion click on "Start Conversion" button and after that software convert mailbox one by one. When conversion process is done you will receive "100% Completed" message in software screen.

How to view PST files in MS Outlook?

Open MS Outlook (Go to File Menu > Open > Open Outlook Data Files)

Now select converted PST file from saving location. (Where you save converted PST in your windows machine). If you have multiple PST files, then repeat this process one by one.

You are now able to view PST file in any Outlook edition as well as MS Outlook 2016.